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Ready to future proof your coaching practice?

It seems like every tenth person is becoming a coach, or at least would like to! In the last decade there has been an explosion of coaching accreditations, coaching schools, university degrees, coaching niches and a plethora of self professed guru’s spruiking “How to make a million dollars in your coaching room” programs for the once in a life time price of $19,999!

Being cynical about these emerging trends would be simple but in fact we should celebrate our industry as it evolves from a cottage industry to one that is maturing. Whether we will ever be a true profession is a question for a different day.

I live in Sydney, Australia and work between Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney and in my experience coaching is growing in both demand and in supply.

As an Honorary Fellow at Sydney Business School I get to lecture on a Masters of Business Coaching degree and work with some amazing students who are investing heavily in their own education for a career in coaching.

Only last week we ran a panel discussion where four speakers were invited to speak to the students about the profession from the perspectives of a buyer of coaching, a global head of Talent for a multi national company who uses coaching across the globe, from the view of an experienced coach and from a coaching academic.

Here are some ideas that emerged from that panel discussion. Read them in the February edition of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine

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