Why isn’t my coaching practice taking off?

Why isn’t my coaching practice taking off? Why is it still hard work to demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching? Why aren’t people lining up on my doorstep? Let’s find out! In my unique corner of the coaching world I am privy to the comings and goings of student and professional coaches and all those in between. While my position does not afford me a grand view of the entire coaching industry, it does offer a perspective on a question many coaches are straddling these days: Why isn’t my coaching practice taking off. Why it is still hard work to demonstrate the effectiveness of coaching? Why aren’t people lining up for the work? Find out what I discovered in this month’s edition.

Ready to future proof your coaching practice?

It seems like every tenth person is becoming a coach, or at least would like to! In the last decade there has been an explosion of coaching accreditations, coaching schools, university degrees, coaching niches and a plethora of self professed guru’s spruiking “How to make a million dollars in your coaching room” programs for the once in a life time price of $19,999! Being cynical about these emerging trends would be simple but in fact we should celebrate our industry as it evolves from a cottage industry to one that is maturing. Whether we will ever be a true profession is a question for a different day. I live in Sydney, Australia and work between Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney and in my e

What is the state of my own professionalism?

Playing the role of devil’s advocate for a moment, I’d like to turn the theme of this edition of the WCM e-zine on its head a bit. Instead of discussing “The State of the Profession,” let’s turn the camera around for an inward perspective and focus on the professionals. That’s you, and that’s me. I suggest we ponder this: What is the State of My Own Professionalism? Let me be more specific and share a few ideas as we begin to process this line of inquiry in the February edition of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. #LynChristian #professionalism #coaching #coachingtools

Taking stock – a coaching best practice

Whatever we are attending to, we, as coaches, are always helping our clients clarify intention and develop SMART goals; identify challenges and opportunities, identify and align motivation with vision and action; design action steps nurturing commitment and follow-through, and celebrating success. Each one of these actions and many related sub-actions begin by “taking stock.” Our goal, as coaches, is to help our clients arrive at clarity, gain insight and perspective that moves them into inspired action – fundamental to good coaching. Eight years ago, when I earned the right to call myself a Professional Certified Coach, there were 49 coaching programs recognised by the International Coach F

The coaching road is congested

The training and development road that once was less traveled, is becoming more congested with coaching taking centre stage respective to leadership development and overall organisational growth. Possibly with the emphasis on employee engagement and workplace culture along with an ever diminishing pool of qualified leadership candidates, these factors may have pushed coaching to the forefront. There continues to be an emphasis for certification. Personally, this gives me pause for concern. The issue is one of expertise. Read more in this month’s edition. #LeanneHoaglandSmith

Boot camp to boardroom: making a success of leaving the military

How to let go of military life and move on to civic street? This article aims to explore, via the story of five former military men and women, exactly what the transition feels like, with more or less support, and seeks lessons in making it more effective and manageable from both sides. #ClaireLyell #Antoinetirard #boardroom #bootcamp #militaryofficers

Let go, move on – the wisdom of impermanence

OK, can we talk? What’s this about “Letting go, and Moving on”? Why is this sufficiently an issue in human experience that we have a whole monthly issue of Worldwide Coaching Magazine dedicated to it? What’s behind this? Why do people find themselves stuck so often in their lives? Whether it’s with work, with family, with relationships or even within your relationship with yourself and your goals, beliefs and values, why do we so often get stuck in such a deep place of impasse that it makes sense to talk about letting go and moving on? This is important! So let’s explore this somewhat, shall we? #coaching #GrantSoosalu #mBIT #mBraining

Coaching Wisdom

Essays, Ideas and Explorations on multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coaching. Sometimes you come across new research that is so exciting that you to want to shout it from the rooftops. Since that isn’t very effective if you want to reach the global coaching community, Grant Soosalu graciously agreed to write a series of articles about mBIT coaching in the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. Since these articles are so important, we decided to combine them, add new articles to it and make this available as e-book. I am convinced that the research presented in this e-book will trigger you to explore the new field of mBIT in its full depth. This new research is already changing the way we l

In the grip? Remember the v.c.r.

In all personal growth work designed to explore the mysteries of inner realm it’s bound to come up sooner or later. It’s that roar of angst and frustration at the sticky grip a deep seeded belief can have. Arrgggh…all the work I’ve done and it just won’t let go! Years I’ve been working on this and I’m still living it out. Why!? There needs to be a concerted and consistent effort over a span of time in order to outwork the old belief and inwork the new. The mechanics of it are straightforward—V.C.R.: vigilance, choice, remedy. Find out more in this month’s edition. #coaching #productivity

Let go of disorganisation, grab hold of productivity

Letting go of disorganisation often means we need a stronger hold of productivity. To this end, here are tips and tools to use for yourself or with your clients: David Allen, the creator of the Getting Things Done ® methodology recently shared the tools he uses to “get things done”… Read more about grabbing hold of productivity with this and other tools in our current edition! #productivity

Acknowledging value – the key to moving on

To let go and move on or to hold tight and stay stuck, that is the question, if asked with awareness, that can bring us insight and self-recognition. Engaging our emotions in introspection and self-reflection requires the discipline of compassionate and objective self-observation. Our feelings, when respected in this way, can guide us to the truth of our experience, often resonating with some deep held experience from our past. #coaching

The mental calluses of holding on

How many times do we hold on to all the bad stuff we experience? Someone calls us a name and we hold onto that for years, never forgetting. Or someone attacks our professional experience? We, for some reason, just can’t get past those experiences. What happens is our brain becomes so callused by all these “hold on memories” we become impervious to seeing the good, the potential of new opportunities. Our now callused brain acts as an impenetrable barrier and we are stuck in the status quo. Find out how to deal with this in an effective way in this edition of our magazine. #coaching

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