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#73 September 2020
Future Trends in Coaching
#72 July/August 2020
Coaching on painful experiences.
#71 June 2020
The Art of Coaching:

The continued debate over the standardisation of coaching with best practices and frameworks versus the fluidity of meeting the client where they are and using customised solutions.
#70 May 2020
Evolving Corporate Cultures Beyond Profit and Competition
#69 March/April 2020
Coaching in Education
#68 February 2020
Coaching People With Addictions
#67 January 2020
Coach Training and Certification.
How to Pick a Reliable Source
#66 November-December 2019
Corporate Transformation
How to make it successful
#65 October 2019
In this edition we take a deep dive into the world of spirituality and consciousness. How do you incorporate it in your coaching practice? Should you introduce it to your corporate clients? What do you need to do, as a coach, to achieve a higher level of consciousness?
#64 September 2019
What sort of impact and opportunity does a digital economy present to a service-oriented business like a coach?
#63 July-August 2019
The latest developments and practical implications of neuroscience on coaching.
#62 June 2019
This edition is filled to the brim with best practices and some solid advice for coaches who are desperately trying to make a sustainable and profitable coaching business.
#61 May 2019
If you are struggling with bullying, harassment, cyberbullying or anti-social behaviour issues, we hope this edition will enable you to identify solutions and remedies along with practical help.
# 60 March April 2019
Who are you?
Coaching on self identity
# 59 February 2019
Career Transitions. When to take the big step, do's and don'ts
#58 January 2019
Coaching versus Therapy
#57 november-december 2018
Team Coaching
#56 October 2018
Coaching healthcare Professionals
#55 September 2018
New Coaching Methodologies
#54 July- August 2018
In this edition we offer you the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about the validity of neuroscience in coaching.
#53 June 2018
What does it take for a successful coach to build a thriving coaching business?
#52 May 2018
Organisational Development Coaching
#51  March April 2018
Difficult Conversations
#50 February 2018
Proven Coaching Methodologies
#49 January 2018
Transformational Coaching
#48 November-December 2017
Emotional Intelligence
#47 October 2017
The Ethics in Coaching
#46 September 2017
Coaching Mindfulness
#45 July-August 2017
Psychometric Assessments
#44 June 2017
Artificial Intelligence
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